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Historic Homes of Momence

Lott & Kathryn Ceelen - 1901

This home on Elm Street was built about 1901 by Lott & Kathryn (Henry) Ceelen.

Lott C. Ceelan and Kathryn Henry were married January 3, 1901. Lott and Kathryn did not have any children. Lott passed away in 1927, but Kathryn remained living in the home until her death in 1947. After Kathryn died William R. Therien, Jr. and Catherine Sweet Therien (Kathryn Ceelan's great niece) moved into the home. Wendell and Marie Carruthers purchased the home in 1999 and Wendell did extensive re-modeling. Current owners Gene and Judith Snapp purchased this adorable Victorian home on May 1, 2006 and have also done extensive remodeling and decorating.

Ceelen home

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