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Historic Homes of Momence

Edward Sherman & Susan Lynds Cooke - 1889

This home on Elm Street was built in 1889 by Edward Sherman and Susan Lynds Cooke.

According to tax records, the earliest construction on this property was in 1870. That home was destroyed by fire and the present home was built in 1889. Traces of the earlier construction can be found to the east of the present building and also on the 1880 artist's view of Momence.

The 1889 date of the present home is based on the Eastlake style of construction; the escutcheons on the upstairs doors have 1888 stamped on the back; and in 1889 the Cooke's borrowed $2,000 from Momence Federal to pay for the building of the home. The sidewalks were installed in 1893.

The home was built by Ernest Sherman and Susan Lynds Cooke. He was an early druggist in Momence and operated the "Corner Drugstore." It is now the location of Apothecary Arts. Susan Lynds Cooke was the daughter of Loraine Beebe (the first teacher in Momence) and Dr. David Lynds (an early physician here).

Edward Cooke died in 1896, but the home remained in the family until the teens when it became the Sarah Younglove home. In the 1940's Sarah Younglove was living here with her daughter Gladys Moerschel and her grandson Robert Moerschel. In 1958, Elizabeth and Clarence Hall purchased the home and it was used as rental property until 1972 when it was purchased by Alexander and Fay Delk. They removed the 2nd stairway and added a small bedroom upstairs and downstairs. The rooms were later used as walk in closets by the newer owners. In 1978, it was purchased by Robert and Christine Frye, both of whom were professors. While living in the home they added on to the existing kitchen and added a utility room. It was the home of Timothy J. and Amy D. Brouwer after they purchased it in 2004. The Brouwers renovated the kitchen in 2008. The current owners, Hernan Maldonado and Frances C. LeBeau purchased the house in 2011.

Hernan and Fran have added two decks to the house, installed patio pavers, and planted thirty trees. Other miscellaneous landscaping projects have been completed as well. The kitchen and bathrooms have been renovated keeping the original Eastlake design woodwork and doors, along with wainscoting in the dining room. Every renovation that has been done to this home has been an "in spirit" restoration in keeping with the original Eastlake style. There is one bedroom that still has the small floral wallpaper that represents wallpaper that was throughout the home originally.

In 2012 Frances C. LeBeau became the wife of Hernan Maldonado with the service performed by their pastor in the living room of their historic home. Their immediate family was in attendance making this wedding even more intimate. It was a beautiful day and makes this home very special to this lovely couple.

Courtesy of Fran LeBeau