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Historic Homes of Momence

Leon J. Tiffany - 1890

This home on Elm Street was built about 1890 by Leon J. Tiffany.

This interesting Victorian home, complete with eight-sided cupola and turret, was built about 1890 by Leon J. Tiffany. The house was constructed of "seconds" from the family brickyard which were hand chipped and laid enamel side into simulate stone – a popular building material of the Victorian period. A very unusual feature of the interior of the home is the standard two-person elevator between the first and second floors. The original carriage house, with its small window for the horse stall, is now in use as a garage. Josephine Tiffany and her husband Phillip Marcotte lived in the home after the death of her parents. In the 1970's the home was acquired by Lester DuMontelle family. The current owners are Steve and Celeste Puglise who bought the home in 2002.

Tiffany home

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